Using Credible And Reliable Sources

It is important to only use credible and reliable sources in your assignments. Usually these comprise peer reviewed articles, most of which are available through the Elibrary.

In your assignments you will be required to use credible material to support your arguments.

You can test whether a resource is credible by applying the REVIEW criteria:

  • Relevance:                       Does the material directly relate to the topic under discussion?
  • Expertise of Author:      What is the author's background and is she or he an authoritative source?
  • Viewpoint of Author:     Is the source of the information objective?
  • Intended Audience:       Who is this information  written for? Is it being used in the right context?
  • Evidence:                         Has the evidence presented been collected using a methodology that is sound?
  • When Published:            Is the information still current and is the information still important in the field?