It is important that you learn how to create and maintain balance between your study time and the other areas of your life that also require your full attention. This short recording will prompt you to think creatively, act with kindness, and plan for a successful study/life balance by providing...

This webinar recording looks at the purpose and structure of a literature review, how to search for literature as well as how to synthesise research in a paragraph.

Referencing Figures/Images & Tables – APA 7 is a quick guide in referencing figures, images, and tables in APA 7 style, with examples.

Managing Study Stress

14 Sep, 2021

If you are experiencing study-related stress, this webinar may provide you with some helpful tips.


Media Analysis

28 Jun, 2021

This webinar focuses on the skills required to analyse news media. It explains the process, skills, and techniques necessary to produce thoughtful analysis, and how to structure critical responses to news media texts.

This webinar is particularly relevant for students of SOSC1024:...

This webinar focuses on the skills required to understand and evaluate a research journal article.

It will help you understand:

  • what a research journal article is and why you need to use them in your assessments.
  • the structure of research journal articles and how...

This webinar focuses on the skills required to analyse a policy document.

We will help you to understand the policy analysis assessment question in your unit of study and help you to create a scaffold for your assessment that addresses the question.

This webinar is particularly...

This webinar will assist with editing and proofreading assessments.

Reflective Writing

25 Mar, 2021

This webinar covers:

  • What it means to be critical 
  • How to engage in critical reflection
  • Writing reflectively and how to structure a reflective paragraph

This webinar covers:

  • The why and how of APA7 Referencing
  • Strategies for organising references
  • Useful tools for citing sources and compiling a reference library