How To Prepare A Reference List (APA)

The reference list should include all and only the sources cited or quoted in your assignment.

Your reference list goes on a new page at the end of your assignment text and the heading is References, centered on the page.

Any sources you refer to in-text must appear in the reference list and the reference list must only contain sources you have referred to in-text. Usually each reference entry has the same four basic ingredients:

  1. author

  2. date

  3. title information and

  4. publication details

The publication details include the place of plublication:

If the place of publication is in the USA, inlcude the city and the state postal code, for example Belmont, CA (where CA = California). A list of USA State Postal Codes can be found here.

If the place of publication is outside of the USA, you need to include the city and country, for example Sydney, Australia (Note: Do not include the State name (e.g., Victoria, NSW, Tasmania)).

If the place of publication is in the United Kingdom, use the appropraite coutry name, for example, England, Ireland, Scotalnd, or Wales, not UK.

If it is an online resource then you will need to include the doi (digital object identifier) or the url (universal resource locator). Different types of resources are referenced in slightly different ways. You will find detailed information for each type of resource by visiting the referencing examples page.

Click here to see an example of a correctly formatted reference list.