Research: Manuscript Structure and Content

A research manuscript outlines in detail the processes of a research study; the thinking, planning, undertaking and outcomes of an original study. A research manuscript can be the product of a research project for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; the product of research within academia, professional contexts, and research organisations. They are usually publishable documents, and or the basis for numerous journal article publications.

The requirements of a research manuscript can vary depending on the type of study and the methodology used for the research. In addition, the manuscript requirements may vary dependent on the educational institution, and the publication requirements of the journals it is submitted to.

In some courses it may be a requirement to convert the research manuscript into a journal article. It is important to be aware of the differences between these documents; particularly in relation to the length of the document and the limitations this can pose for a journal article. Careful consideration is required to develop a substantive journal article without the breadth and depth of the research manuscript. The American Psychological Association (APA) offers a useful guide for preparing a research manuscript for publication in APA journals: Preparing Manuscripts for Publication in Psychology Journals: A Guide for New Authors: