Poster (Counselling)

Poster (Counselling)

A poster demonstrates your ability to present researched information in an easily accessible way. Posters comprise specific ideas that must be clearly and logically outlined, and conveyed in a concise professional way, in language that the target audience can understand.

What is the purpose of a poster?

It is important to note that poster assignments can take two forms: a poster, or a research poster. A poster usually involves presenting information in an accessible way to a particular audience. A research poster usually involves a presentation of research that you have conducted and includes sections like the methodology and the results. You will need to check the assignment criteria to see what type of poster you need to create. The information below is for a poster. If you are doing a research poster click here to access the guide to creating a research poster.


The purpose of a poster is to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Synthesise key research and information into an accessible format for a target audience (ACAP students, the public, high school students)
  • Convey relevant and timely information in a professional and appropriate manner.

Each poster assignment will have its own particular “theme”. For instance, the brief might be to create a poster demonstrating your understanding of “Mental Health and Wellness”, by providing relevant information regarding that topic to a specific target group. Further information regarding your poster’s theme, and how to identify your intended audience, can be found in your assignment brief and in your Unit Outline.

Writing Style

Posters are written in a formal style and are usually in 3rd person. Text needs to be easy to navigate and sections should flow logically.

  • Use transition words between ideas
  • Include references to add credibility and acknowledge your sources
  • Understand the target group that you are attempting to reach and use the most relevant and important information and language for that group.


  • Divide you poster in sections with headings and subheadings
  • Use images, colour and graphics that complement and enhance your content
  • Include APA referencing in-text and a reference list

Generally, poster assignments have the following formatting; please check your assignment brief for more specific inclusions or required formatting:

  • 2-page electronic A3, landscape
  • Use font size 12 and one of these fonts: Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman
  • Page 1: The poster
  • Page 2: The APA formatted reference list is located on page 2 of the poster with References as the title, centered on the page.
  • Download a template from the link below.


 Check spelling and grammar, Look for sections you can write more concisely

Helpful Structuring/Prompting Questions

  • What is the focus of your poster?
  • What “key terms” need defining, with reference to research?
  • Who is your target group?
  • What does your research tell you about this target group, and what information is likely to be useful to them?
  • Can you use graphics, tables, or flowcharts to help explain key information?