Pinterest Assignments

Pinterest is a free social media platform where you can upload, share and organise the content you are interested in. Pinterest can be a useful tool to help you collate information that you may use in the workplace.

During your studies at ACAP, you may be required to use Pinterest for some of your assignments. This is designed to help you as a student counsellor collate useful and relevant information that you can use either to inform your understanding of counselling practice and theories or to collect tools and information that you may like to pass on to future clients.  The resources below can help you get started with using Pinterest and give you an idea about how to create these assignments.


If you have never used Pinterest before, don't worry- we have plenty of resources which you can peruse below.  If you require further information, you can always ask your educator in your class, or for general information about completing assignments, you can also contact the SLS team.