Meeting the Assessment Marking Criteria or Marking Guide

Every assessment has a Marking Criteria or Marking Guide that show students what is expected of them in the assessment. The teacher will use these criteria to decide on the grade for your completed assessment. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these criteria before starting your assessment. As you write, it is also useful to compare your work with the requirements outlined in the marking criteria or marking guide to ensure you meet all of them.

Assessment details including Marking Criteria or Marking Guides can be found online in your class space. Marking criteria are usually located in a table after the assessment description.

For Counselling Skills (Diploma) look for this icon:

For Counselling, Criminology & Justice, and Social Work (Bachelors) look for this icon:

For Counselling (Postgraduate) look for this icon:

Foe Counselling (Masters) look for this icon:

For Psychology look for this icon:

The Marking Criteria Table may be divided into different sections depending on which Course you are enrolled in (e.g., Counselling, Criminology & Justice, Psychology, or Social Work). Below are links to typical Marking Criteria for each of these Courses. Assignments and their marking criteria are developed to align with the learning outcomes for each Unit. Because of this, please remember that the Unit you are studying may have slightly different marking criteria. It is very important to locate assignment information and the marking criteria for each Unit early in the trimester so your time and efforts are also aligned to the assessment requirements.