Locating, Selecting and Using Resources

Research is essential to find evidence to help you create a plausible response to any assessment task. Remember that whatever points, arguments or ideas that you are going to make- need to be backed up with clear; good-quality resources.

The  ACAP Library is a key source of evidence and information. 

There are hundreds of books, as well as thousands of journal articles that exist in on-line databases.  Developing techniques to sort through this information to find what you want, is a key part of the research process.  You can find out more on how to do this by going through one of the library tutorials online to find sources: 

Some tips for gathering information:

  • Make a rough essay plan and use it to direct your search.
  • Be very selective in gathering information.
  • Keep asking yourself where the information fits your plan.
  • Use the material suggested in the unit guide or in the Library’s Pathfinder assignment guides as a starting point.

When you find useful information, note the source, book, journal or website (including the Uniform Resource Locator - URL) and page number where you found it. Some students like to create a seperate document to collect all of there research- so it helps to keep them organised. If you are writing larger papers, like a manuscript or thesis that requires many sources, you may like to try using a free referencing software like Mendeley.  To find out more on using Mendeley, check out the Mendeley website: