Digital Skills for Study: Part 2


Welcome to Part Two of the 'Digital Skills for Study' webinar recording. This webinar will focus on setting up your ACAP assignment formatting requirements, changing document size, margins, headers and page numbers, line spacing and indents.  Due to the length of the live webinar, we have split this recording into two parts that can be viewed in any order.  The webinar slides and associated reference materials are available to download beneath this video link.

Part Two will focus on: 

- ACAP formatting guidelines and checklists

- Finding and adding the ACAP cover page

- Changing the size and layout of a document

- Margins

- Formatting headers and page numbers

- Line spacing

- Indents

If you are interested in setting up your ACAP emails, downloading your free Office 365 package, or how to set up new folders on your computer, please see Part One of Digital Skills for Study.