Project assessments

Project assessments require you to do some research on a particular topic and then prepare a report on the topic. The report may be a written report or it may be delivered as an oral presentation. Some project assignments are completed in a small group to imitate workplace projects that require teamwork.

Your project will be centred around your research of the chosen topic. For example, you may be asked to research a particular social issue or a specific organisation, so you will need to read about that issue/organisation and collect relevant information that you can discuss in your written or oral report. You can use information from your course materials, but you should also look for other sources of information that you can incorporate in your report. You may also be asked to make recommendations, suggestions or create a plan based on your research.

Generally speaking, a report has three main sections:

  1. An introduction providing an overview of the topic and the report.
  2. Three or more sections in the body (with headings) containing the report
  3. A conclusion including a summary of your main points and findings

Using this general framework, you can create specific headings that relate to your particular project. Often the headings can be created from information in the task description.

The written component of your project needs to be written in a formal and clear style. Some information might be best presented as a table, graph or chart, and these must also be presented professionally.

Oral presentations require a somewhat different approach to written reports. While the presentation may draw on the written report for content, you should not just simply read your written report out loud. Instead, adapt the material so that it is clear and engaging for your audience. You may also need to create appropriate visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides. These should be presented clearly and professionally.