Professional documentation assessments

Professional documentation is an integral and important part of practice for counsellors, case managers and youth workers. Types of professional documentation that you may need to write include case notes, health and safety risk assessments and incident reports. Professional documentation assessments give you the opportunity to practice writing these kinds of texts. In most cases, you will be provided with a template with sections that you need to fill in.

There are many different types and styles of professional documentation, so the content of the document will differ. For example, case notes require you to record your interactions, observations and actions relating to a particular client. An incident report requires you to record details of an unusual event that occurs, such as an injury to a client. For some assessments, you will be given some information or a scenario on which to base your case notes, risk assessment or incident report.

Most professional documentation will be structured in a template. For your assessments, this template is usually given to you with the assessment information.

Professional documentation requires you to write in a style that is impartial, accurate and clear. Check your writing against the following list:

  • Ensure your writing is objective and unbiased. Try and separate fact from opinion.
  • Only include relevant information that is related to the task at hand.
  • Include specific details as needed.
  • Ensure your writing is clear and to the point.

In addition, always check for grammatical and spelling errors to ensure your writing is professional.