07Sep, 2016

Starting a university degree can be the best journey of our life. Throughout this journey, the student learns new information, builds skills and expertise in the field of his/her choice, and makes new friends. It can also be challenging. There are times when transition to tertiary study can be overwhelming.

Transition to tertiary study is the time when you make an adjustment to your life, moving from a familiar environment, such as work, VET/TAFE study, or even home, to a new life; the life of tertiary study. For most of our students, the transition to tertiary study is smooth; for some, it can be scary and stressful. While transitioning, you might feel intimidated by academic language and terminology. You might not be used to writing academic essays. Students find academic assignments so different from workplace writing and VET/TAFE assignments, and therefore they might experience what is called ‘transition shock’.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Most ACAP and NCPS students, when they transition into tertiary study, often share these concerns and fears. This is why we strive to make the transition to tertiary study as easy and smooth for you as possible. There is ALWAYS help available: the Student Learning Support team can help you both settle in and thrive. 

To make the transition smoothly, it is worth trying out these strategies:

  • Assess your time management
  • Read carefully
  • Attend classes and tutorials and participate as much as possible
  • Participate in study groups and peer support activities
  • Strive to complete assignments in time to get some feedback before you submit
  • Pay attention to feedback on your assignments and act on the feedback in order to progress
  • Attend academic writing workshops and make use of learning materials
  • Seek academic advice from the SLS advisor