Harvard Presentation Requirements

If you are using Harvard referencing style, please use the following presentation guidelines for your assessment and reference list.

All assessment pieces must be submitted on-line via the student portal on Moodle and follow the presentation guidelines below:

  • Microsoft Word Format must be used (No PDF or Pages files)
  • Cover Sheet as the first page (find it under assessment forms)
  • Actual word count provided on the cover sheet
  • Page numbers included on each page
  • Size 12 Times New Roman font
  • Margins of 2.45 cm (Normal Margin)
  • Double spacing with one extra space between paragraphs
  • Text is justified
  • Reference list starts on a new page
  • References listed in alphabetical order by surname of author
  • First level headings centred in bold. Each main word should start with a capital letter
  • Second level headings flush left in bold

Assignment word count

All assignments specify a word count. An assignment that is within 10% of the specified word count (either more or less) will not be penalised. However, if you submit an assignment that is more than 10% under or over the specified word count, your grade will be penalised.

The word limit for direct quotes depends on the school and field of study. For example, in the School of Criminology the upper limit for the use of direct quotes is 10% of the final word count. In the School of Psychological Sciences 5% would be considered excessive.



Main body of text

Title page

Section headings

Table of contents


Reference list

Verbatim examples


In-text citations (e.g. author, date, page number)